Use this guide on your mobile when you’re out buying a bra. You can add it to your favourites so you can find it easily.

Putting it on

Do it up on the widest size

Bra on the widest size

The elastic will give over time, being able to do it up tighter means you can still have it fit you.


  • If you think you will gain weight
  • If it’s a convertible bra that also does strapless. You will probably wear it tighter for strapless than you would normally. Fit for strapless at a tighter setting so you can let it out at other times.

Sweep your breasts into the cups

Putting on a bra

Put your hand inside the bra, under your breast and sweep it into the middle. Do the same to the other side. This makes sure your breasts are completely inside the cups.

Adjust the straps

Bra with loose straps
Bra straps too tight

They should be taut but not digging in.


Check the band size

The band should be horizontal

Band sitting correctly

If it’s riding up in the back…

Band riding up in the back

Check if the shoulder straps are too tight and pulling it up. If it’s not the straps then it’s too loose – try going down a band size.

If it’s digging in…

Bra too tight

It’s too tight – try going up a band size.

Changing sizes

As you move down a band size,
move up a cup size

As you move up a band size,
move down a cup size

Check the cups

There should be no bulging

Bra too tight
Move up a cup size (you may need to move up a band size as well – check the band)

And no gaping or sagging cups

Bra too tight
Move down a cup size (you may need to move up a band size as well – check the band)

Final checks

  • Will it still look good with clothes over it?
  • Walk in it, is it too bouncy?
  • For low cut bras: lean forward to make sure you don’t fall out the front when you bend over
  • For a sports bra: jump, stretch, move in it
  • Is it comfortable?