Convertible bra with low back option

Convertible low back bra
A convertible bra that uses a bra strap across the front to make it lower in the back. Photo source: Black & White

Not all convertible (also called multiway) bras have a low back option so check this before you buy it. There are two main types, one is where a bra strap hooks into the bottom of the bra and goes across your stomach to pull the back of the bra down (see image). The extra bra strap should come with the bra, it’s the same as the ones you would use as the halter strap or standard two shoulder straps. To tell if the bra will be able to go low back look for loops on the bottom of it in the back for the strap to hook into. If they aren’t there and you want to add them in there is a quick tutorial for adding more loops here.

Bra with low back converter
A convertible bra with a low back converter. Photo source: Victoria’s Secret

The second type of convertible bra you can use has a low back converter strap with it. This goes onto the back fastening, crosses over and goes around your stomach (see image). This isn’t as common to find in stores as the first one, the strap you use is different to the standard shoulder straps, but if your bra doesn’t come with it you can buy a low back converter separately or make your own.


I find the first one generally can’t go as low and still feel supportive, I would recommend the second one for anything that is really low.

Both types can be worn with the straps over the shoulders like pictured, or you can make them have a halter neck. The halter neck will allow it to go lower in the back, but whether you can do this will depend on the neckline of what you are wearing it with.


  • For the first type (top image), if you are pulling it down quite low the largest setting on the fastening may not be enough, you can use a bra extender to give it extra room to be pulled down lower.
  • You can cross the strap over on your back (see the middle one in the image below), this can feel more supportive than if it goes straight to the side and across the front. If the strap isn’t long enough you can hook two together.
  • Sometimes the strap across the front can cause bulging on your stomach, if this is happening and it will show through in what you are wearing put high-waisted control top panties over the top and this will smooth things out.
  • If the bra is likely to peak out as you move, use pieces of fashion tape to stick your clothes to the bra.
  • This may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget, if you are wearing it with two shoulder straps make sure you loosen them before putting it on.
Convertible low back bra options
From left: Convertible bra with strap to pull down the back, the same but with a halter neck, the same but strapped to crossover in the back – see the tips above for an explanation, convertible bra with a low back extender, the same but with a halter neck.

Make your own