Low back bra converter

Low back converter
Photo source: Bravissimo

These are a great way to make a normal bra into a low back bra. They aren’t as easy to find in shops as some bra accessories, you can get them on Amazon or you can make your own pretty easily. I have found this type of low back bra more supportive and able to go lower than a standard convertible bra. It’s also great because you can use it on bras you already own, if you are someone who has trouble finding bras that fit well then this is a great option for you.

If you want to see how they go on, this video illustrates it really well.


Tips for buying and using low back bra converters

  • Try to buy one that is adjustable in length, some will just rely on that it’s elasticated to ensure it fits a range of people. Having it made from elastic that isn’t too stretchy and with adjustable length will feel more secure and give a better result. It’s not such an issue for it to be adjustable if you are making one yourself, as you can make it to your size and use the different hook/eye settings in the back to adjust it slightly.
  • They come with different hook and eye combinations (1 hook row, 2 hook row etc) so make sure it will work with the bra you want to use it with. Sometimes the hooks in a row can be spaced further apart (see the top two bra extenders on the right in the image on this page to see how even ones that are both 2 hook rows can differ).
  • Sometimes the strap across the front can cause bulging on your stomach, if this is happening and it will show through in what you are wearing put control top panties over the top and this will smooth things out.
  • If the bra is likely to peak out as you move, use pieces of fashion tape to stick your clothes to the bra.
  • This may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget, if you are wearing it with two shoulder straps make sure you loosen them before putting it on.

Make your own