Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bra
Photo source: Eloise Lingerie

Mastectomy bras are full cup bras that have a pocket inside the cups to insert breast forms (prosthesis). They are for women who have had one or both breasts removed. Some are also specially designed to be worn during the recovery process after surgery.

Where to buy a mastectomy bra

Firstly ask your doctor for the best place to go that is local to you. Nothing beats getting fitted in person by someone who is an expert on the subject. You can buy them online too, although it is always harder to buy the right fit when you can’t try it on so look for websites with a good return policy. Some lingerie stores will also offer a service to sew pockets into the cups of regular bras, or you can do this yourself.

How to sew pockets into regular bras

Mastectomy bras can be expensive and more limited in styles and fabrics, so some women choose to adapt a regular bra so they can use the breast forms with them. Firstly you should get fitted by a professional and try some specially designed mastectomy bras so you know what you are trying to recreate. If you have tried some out it will be easier to know what features to look for when selecting a bra to adapt.

Here are a couple of tutorials: