Minimiser bra

Minimiser bra
Photo source: Triumph

Minimiser bras are designed for women with average to large breasts who want them to appear smaller. Depending on your size a minimiser bra could reduce your bust measurement by an inch or two. The cups offer full coverage and are made of elasticated fabric which helps to compress the breasts, whilst still giving a good silhouette. Underwires are used for support.

As minimiser bras are designed for women with large breasts they usually have wider, comfier straps than a lot of standard bras.


Minimiser bras are great for clothes that look good with a sleek look, or to help you fit into clothes that are a bit too tight across the bust. Clothes are generally designed to suit a ‘standard shape’ which can make it very hard for large breasted women to buy tailored clothes that fit well. If you have had this issue then definitely give a minimiser bra a go. They can also make the difference between being able to wear a button shirt without it gaping open and not. Another tip for dealing with a button shirt that’s peaking open is to use a small piece of fashion tape to secure it between the buttons.

Due to the full cups they won’t go well with anything low cut so aren’t as versatile as some bras, but the difference they can make in reducing size makes them a very useful bra to own if you have a large bust.

Generally you should be the same size in a minimiser bra as a standard one, you don’t need to get it smaller to squish everything in. Keep in mind that sizing between brands can be inconsistant and a lot of women wear the wrong size bra anyway. With this one getting the fight fit is important to how well it will reduce your size so it’s a good idea to get a proper fitting done.