Nipple covers

The top ones are silicone and reusable, the bottom ones are disposable. Photo source: Bye Bra

Nipple covers are also known as petals. They are used to hide the shape of nipples and give breasts a smooth line under clothing. They have adhesive on them to stay on and can be one-use disposable or washable and reusable.

They are generally worn when you are unable to wear a bra but can also be worn with one if you need the extra coverage. Using a foam lined contour bra is another way to conceal the shape of nipples.


There are another type of nipple covers called ‘pasties’. These are designed to be seen (as in a burlesque performance), so are usually decorative. They’re held on with skin safe glue or double sided tape (like fashion tape).

Adhesive advice

  • Don’t apply over broken, damaged or sun-burned skin.
  • If you are worried you will have a reaction to the adhesive do a patch test first by using a small piece on yourself. The inside of your arm is a good place as it isn’t hairy so won’t hurt as much when you take it off.
  • Don’t use moisturisers or powders on the area before you apply it, they will make it harder for it to stick to your skin.
  • Adhesives can come loose if you are sweating a lot. Try to avoid using them if this will be a problem, or make sure the adhesive is in an area where you don’t sweat much.
  • Clean and dry the skin before sticking anything to it, wiping with rubbing alcohol will help remove oils and dirt.
  • Have a hot shower or soak in the bath if you are having trouble getting it off.
  • If you have sticky residue left on your skin after removal you can get rid of it by using some baby oil on cotton wool and rubbing gently. Solvents like nail polish remover will work too but they aren’t as gentle on your skin.

Make your own