Racerback clip / bra clips

To make a normal bra into a bra with a racerback use a racerback clip. They’re cheap (usually under $10) and you can get them from most lingerie stores or online from Amazon. They usually come in black, white, tan or clear and come in a variety of different shapes. Mostly they are used to hide the straps for when you wear racerback tops but some people also wear them to stop their straps slipping off their shoulders.

Note: the photos on this page use clips that don’t match the colours of the straps, this is so it’s easier to see what is going on, normally you would try to match the colour to your bra.


Not all clips are created equal

Racerback clips
Two differently shaped sets of racer back clips.
  • Beware of flimsy plastic as they will just break. If you are buying it online you won’t be able to tell by looking at it so read the reviews.
  • You should also consider whether you will have someone else to do it up for you or if you are going to be doing it yourself (see below for tips on using one without help). The more it holds the strap in place the better it will be for doing up by yourself.
  • Another thing to be careful of is how good it is at staying done up when you move around, and whether it will slide up or down through the day.
  • The claim is that they can convert any normal bra into a racerback but the type of bra and the shape of the clip will make a difference to how well it works. Try using the clip on the bra before putting it on and test if it stays done up when you pull at the straps. I have found bras with thicker, textured straps grip much better than the ones with thin stretchy straps. With these ones if the clips are ones that don’t hold the straps very securely they just come undone.

How to use a racerback clip

First you will need to loosen the straps a bit from how you would normally have them. They aren’t the easiest thing to use if you don’t have someone to help you, if you do have someone then put the bra on normally and get them to put the clip in.

Putting a racerback clip on by yourself

Putting a racer back clip in once your bra is already on is virtually impossible to do by yourself. I usually put the clip in first (remember to loosen the straps), then put the bra on over my head. Or you can do the bra up around your waist with the back fastening in front of you, put the clip in then turn the bra around the right way and pull the straps over your shoulders.

Whichever way you do it the tricky part is having the clip stay in while you put the bra on. Have a look at the photo below, it compares 2 different shapes of clip. The one on the left is almost impossible to keep on as you put the bra on, the one on the right holds the straps really securely so it stays done up as you put it on. If you are going to have to do it up by yourself then look for ones that hold the straps really well and don’t just stay in place from the tension of the straps (like the one in the photo at the top of the page). That advice isn’t much use if you have already bought one and it isn’t the right sort. The only way I found I could get the one on the left on by myself was to put twist ties around the straps, above and below the clip, then once it was on I could untwist and take off the ties.

Racer back clips with straps
The one on the left is small and discreet but very difficult to do up by yourself, the one on the right holds the straps in place very securely so it easy to put on by yourself.

Make your own