Save money by making your own bra accessories or adapting bras you have. Or check out the quick fixes for when you’re in a rush and need to make an outfit work for the night.

Make your own bra strap connector / holder

Find more about how use a bra strap connector/holder and why you might want one. The easiest way is to use a spare convertible bra strap. It will already have all the hooks and pieces you need, you are basically…

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Make your own low back bra converter

It’s really easy and cheap to make your own low back bra converter, follow the steps below. You will need elastic and bra fasteners (the part at the back with the hooks and eyes). The fasteners are usually sold at…

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Quick fix DIY racerback clip

If you need a quick solution and don’t have time to buy a racerback clip you can make one from a couple of paper clips. Racerback clips are pretty cheap and will sit flatter under your clothing, so if you…

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Quick fix nipple covers

For quick fix nipple covers use 2 plasters (Band-Aids) in a cross over each nipple. The good thing about this is you know plasters are designed to go on your skin so the adhesive is safe. The padding will go…

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