What bra to wear with a Crossover back

A convertible bra with the straps crossed over in the back is most likely to be the best option. To stop the straps of the dress shifting and revealing the bra straps you can use fashion tape to stick them to each other.

If the straps are too thin to hide the bra straps or the straps of the bra won’t line up with the ones on the dress you will have to go for a strapless bra instead.


Your options

Convertible / Multiway bra

Convertible bra
Photo source: Triumph

Convertible (also called multiway) bras are a must to own. The straps come off and have hooks so you can reattach them in different ways to wear with clothes where the straps of a standard bra would show. What strap configurations it can do will depend on which one you get, so check before you buy. The straps will have hooks at each end and there will be lots of…

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Strapless bra

Strapless bra
Photo source: Bendon

Strapless bras often come as convertible bras with detachable straps or you can also get bandeau bras. For most cases I would recommend a classic style strapless bra like the one pictured, bandeau bras don’t have underwires to shape them so are tighter across the top of the bust and can cause bulging unless you have a perfect fit or small breasts. Tips for buying a strapless bra Getting the…

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