Make your own bra strap connector / holder

Find more about how use a bra strap connector/holder and why you might want one.

Bra strap holder
Photo source: The Natural

The easiest way is to use a spare convertible bra strap. It will already have all the hooks and pieces you need, you are basically just shortening it. You can buy extra convertible bra straps from lingerie stores and some sewing stores will also sell them. If you don’t have one you can buy the pieces from a sewing store, look at an existing strap on one of your bras to see how to attach the piece in the middle to make it adjustable, or if you don’t think you will need to adjust it you can leave this piece out and just make it a strap with a hook at either end.

  1. Get a convertible bra strap, it will have a hook at each end and an adjuster in the middle.
  2. Adjust it so it’s as long as it goes, the adjustment piece will be next to one end. Cut the strap to about 6 1/2 inches (16cm) long. If you have a strap that is very stretchy you might want to make it shorter, if it’s not very stretchy at all you may want it a bit longer.
  3. Cut the hook from the piece that doesn’t have the adjustment piece and sew it to the end of the other one. Make sure the hooks are facing the same direction. Going backwards and forwards a few times with a zig-zag stitch will stop it fraying.
  4. To use it put it in front of the straps of your bra, bend each end around behind the strap and hook it back over itself, see the picture below. You can adjust it to the length that you need.

DIY bra strap holder steps