Ultimate guide to nursing bras

Clothing for breastfeeding

The easiest option is to wear separate top and bottoms. Then when you need to nurse you lift your top up over your breast, undo the clip on your nursing bra and you’re ready to go. This works best if the top is loose and/or stretchy. If you don’t want your tummy or side getting exposed while you do it (either for your own modesty or for warmth) then put another top on underneath. This top should be able to be pulled under the breast, while the outer top comes up above the breast. A camisole with thin stretchy straps works well for the underneath top. If the outer top is quite loose it normally comes back down over your baby’s face and makes the whole thing quite discreet.

If you want more privacy you can drape a cotton wrap or muslin over you or use a shawl. Make sure whatever you use is thin and breathable for your baby’s comfort. Tucking a corner of the wrap or muslin under your bra strap is a good way to keep it in place as you nurse. When your baby gets old enough to grab things it can be pretty tough to keep anything like this in place over them if they don’t want it there.

Another good option is to wear anything that opens up down the front, either with buttons or a zip (just make sure whatever fastening you use doesn’t have bits that could hurt your baby – some zips have sharp edges). This will mean more of the top of your breast is exposed, so if you are doing it in public and want more privacy you would probably want to drape something over yourself.


There are loads of nursing-specific outfits on the market. They can have quite a complex set of layers and openings that allow you to discreetly access your breast while everything else stays in place. Sometimes these outfits will be reasonable priced but often they will come with a really high price tag, using the methods above should mean you can buy standard clothing or keep wearing clothes you already own.