Ultimate guide to nursing bras

Exercise bras and nursing

Using a normal sports bra

If you aren’t going to be nursing during your exercise session the easiest option is to change into a normal sports bra and then back into your nursing bra when you’re done. The upside to this is you don’t get your nursing bra sweaty and you’ll have heaps of choice for which sports bra you like.

If you are buying a normal sports bra keep a few things in mind:

  • Get something with some stretch to accommodate the size changes you have through the day.
  • Preferably get something with a soft cup (no underwire). If you are getting something with an underwire make sure you have read our section on these.
  • It should be tight enough that it feels firm and supportive but not so tight that it feels restricting or uncomfortable.

Sports nursing bras

You can get exercise bras that have drop down cups with clips, but they aren’t particularly common so there isn’t much choice. If you can’t find them in a store there are more available online – you just don’t get to try them on first. A lot of them are in standard dress sizes (no cups – e.g. S, M L etc) so there is more leeway with the fit than if you get a traditional bra (band and cup size). But as always if you have particularly small or large breasts for your size then this kind of sizing won’t work as well for you. If you are looking for a sports nursing bra La Leche League have one, there are also plenty on Amazon.


Using a normal nursing bra

If the exercise you are doing is fairly low impact then wearing a normal nursing bra is also a good option. The seamless ones are really stretchy so would be comfortable for something like yoga where you don’t need much bounce control. You can also layer a top over your bra that has built in support – this will help to keep them in place. It will probably make getting a breast out for a feed a little trickier so make sure you try it out with the top you have to make sure it is still possible.