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Most women wear the wrong bra size. As a bra fitting expert for 7 years, I saw that for myself day after day. Out of that experience, the idea for Ultimate Bra Guide was born. Here, I write about everything that a woman should know about different bra sizes, different bra types, the best bras on the market, the different types of breasts, as well as the boob tape as an alternative. I hope that you’ll find the Ultimate Bra Guide useful.

Boob Tape

Learn what boob tape is, how to apply boob tape for any kind of outfit, how to easily remove boob tape, and everything else you need to know about it.
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How To Use Boob Tape: Step By Step
How To Tape Boobs for a Strapless Dress
How To Tape Boobs for a Low Cut Dress
How To Tape Boobs for a Backless Dress
How To Remove Boob Tape
What is Boob Tape: Ultimate Guide

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Bra Types

Read about all the different kinds of bras there are, their purpose, when to wear a certain bra type, what to wear them with, and everything else about bra types.
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19 Different Types of Bras
What Is a Bralette
What is an Underwire Bra
What is a Wireless Bra
What is a Balconette Bra
What is a Push Up Bra
What is a T-Shirt Bra

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Bra Sizes

The majority of women wear the wrong bra size. To prevent this happening to you, learn all about bra sizes and how to correctly measure your bra size.
Some of our more popular articles are:

A Cup Size
B Cup Size
C Cup Size
D Cup Size
DD Cup Size (Same as E Cup Size)
DDD Cup Size (Same as F Cup Size)
G Cup Size

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