Athletic Boobs: What They Are and Best Bras for Them [2023]

Athletic boobs are one of the most common types of boobs. This article is aimed at women who have or think they might have this boob shape.

Here, we’ll discuss what athletic boobs are, what they look like, what causes them, and most importantly, what is the best bra for this type of breasts.

What Are Athletic Boobs?

Athletic boobs are a type of boobs that often have more muscle mass and less breast tissue compared to other breast types. They’re also firmer, wider, further apart, and flatter, but not as round as other boob shapes.

Athletic boobs

Under the breasts, the pectoral muscles are located. Depending on their size and tone, your boobs can visually appear perkier.

Athletic breasts are usually on the smaller side. This is because a lot of the breast tissue is usually fat, and athletic boobs usually have little fat.

Due to their smaller size, athletic breasts don’t require as much support as other boob types. Still, this doesn’t have to be the case, and there are examples of larger athletic breasts.

Despite their name, athletic boobs are not found only in athletes. In fact, you may have athletic breasts even if you’ve never exercised in your life.

Still, it’s common for athletes to have this type of breasts. And if you decide to start heavily exercising, don’t be surprised if your boobs start resembling this type.

Best Bras for Athletic Breasts

People with athletic boobs usually have an athletic body shape too. Although your first association for athletic breasts might be a sports bra, there are other good choices too.

Still, finding the best bra for this boob shape is probably more difficult than with other boob shapes. It’s quite possible for cup gaping to happen with the athletic boob shape.

Push up and plunge bras are the way to go with athletic boobs.

Another type to try is a wireless bra. This will support and provide comfort to your wider boobs.

Since plunge and push up bras are a great choice with athletic breasts, you have quite a large selection of suitable bras. Between those, we picked the b.tempt’d’d Push Up Bra as the best bra for athletic boobs on the market.

This bra features special pads that provide extremely good shape and lift, which on top of everything look perfectly natural. And not just for athletic breasts, this bra is one of the better options for a push up bra overall.

Another great option you can go with is the Embrace Lace Petite Push-up Bra. And if you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider the Calvin Klein Women’s Constant Push Up Plunge Bra. In its price bracket, it’s difficult to find a better plunge/push up bra on the market.

What Athletic Boobs Look Like (Examples of Celebrities)

If you’ve seen Westworld, you’re probably familiar with Tessa Thompson. But, what you probably didn’t note is that Tessa is a great example of a woman with muscular, athletic boobs.

And if you don’t know her, you should be able to find images or videos from Westworld, as a reference point for what athletic breasts look like.

Tessa Thomspon

Athletic Breasts Infographic

An infographic about athletic breasts - what they are, what they look like, what are the best bras for them, and some celebrities with athletic boobs

Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Boobs

How Do Boobs Differ?

Boobs differ in many ways, such as:

  • Their size;
  • What direction they’re facing when they’re not supported;
  • Where they sit on your chest; and
  • Where are the nipples located.

How Many Types of Breasts Are There?

Boobs are essentially like snowflakes. Each pair is unique in its own way. Still, it’s possible to divide them up into a few different types, based on some of their features.

Some examples of different types of boobs are: bell shaped, close set, conical, etc.

What Determines Breast Shape?

Many different factors affect your breast shape, but the main one is genetics. Other factors that can cause your boobs to look a certain way are age, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, some medications, exercise, and so on.

Why You Should Know Your Boob Shape?

You might be wondering why should you even care what is the type of your boobs. The main benefit of knowing your boob shape is that it will allow you to pick the ideal bra for you.

Different types of bras are best suited for different types of boobs. The right bra will give optimal support and comfort, and will best flatter your specific boob type.

So, before you buy your next bra, make sure to take boob shape into account too, and not just its size.

How To Find Your Boob Type?

To find out your boob shape, take off your clothes (including the bra) and stand in front of a mirror. Carefully note what your breasts look like from the front, from the side, what direction they’re facing, and the nipple position.

Then, compare your breasts with the types of boobs explained in our ultimate guide to different types of boobs and find the one that most closely resembles yours.

Don’t try to classify your breasts into just one of these types. It’s more than likely that your boobs will belong to a few of the different boob shapes.

But, the main thing to always keep in mind is that your breasts are perfectly normal and beautiful, regardless of their shape.


Athletic boobs are just one of the countless types of boobs there are. In comparison to other types, athletic breasts have more muscle mass and less breast tissue In this article, we discussed what athletic boobs look like, and which are the best bras for this shape.


What Causes Athletic Breast Shape?

Athletic breasts can be caused either by genetics or by your lifestyle. Genes are one of the most important factors in deciding any boob shape, and that is true for athletic boobs as well. Another factor that can cause athletic boobs is a healthy lifestyle that consists of a lot of exercising.