Round Breasts: What They Are and Best Bras for Them [2023]

Without a doubt, round breasts are the most desired boob shape. So, it’s no wonder that it’s the number one choice when it comes to breast augmentation surgeries.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what round breasts are, what they look like, and what bras to wear if you have this breast shape.

Let’s begin!

What Are Round Breasts?

As their name suggests, round breasts are the type of breasts that are fully round, equally at the top and the bottom.

This is without a doubt the boob shape considered visually most attractive. It’s also the most desired boob type. In fact, the majority of people undergoing breast augmentation aim for round boobs.

Round breasts

Also, most bra manufacturers produce their bras with round breasts as the standard. And with round boobs you don’t need as much support, since they essentially support themselves.

Given the desired appearance and the wide array of bra options, you can consider yourself lucky if you have this type of boobs.

Very often, round breasts are also asymmetric, meaning that the boobs differ one from the other. The difference can be either in size, shape, or something else.

Best Bras for Round Breasts

When it comes to the choice of a bra for round breasts, gals with this boob shape can once again consider themselves lucky. This is because most bra types will fit round breasts perfectly. Just choose whatever you like.

Although virtually all bras will fit you perfectly if you have round breasts, I chose the La Femme Plunge T-Shirt Bra as the best bra for round breasts overall.

I also chose this bra as the best for some other boob shapes as well. This is because it’s extremely sexy and will help you achieve a smooth silhouette. It’s especially great for low cut outfits, and is among the very best bras overall.

Note: Don’t worry if its band feels snug in the beginning. That’s how it’s supposed to feel.

The Idol Balcony T-Shirt Bra is another perfect choice, which could have even be first if not for its relatively higher price.

For a budget option, the Cushioned Underwire Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra is surprisingly good for its price bracket. It features full coverage cups and is pretty comfortable as well.

What Round Breasts Look Like (Examples of Celebrities)

As already stated, round breasts are the type of breasts usually considered visually most attractive. So, it’s no wonder that celebrities with round breasts are often considered sex symbols. One very prominent example is Salma Hayek.

Salma Hayek

Round Breasts Infographic

An infographic about round breasts - what they are, what they look like, what are the best bras for them, and some celebrities with round breasts

Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Boobs

How Do Boobs Differ?

Boobs differ in many ways, such as:

  • Their size;
  • What direction they’re facing when they’re not supported;
  • Where they sit on your chest; and
  • Where are the nipples located.

How Many Types of Breasts Are There?

Boobs are essentially like snowflakes. Each pair is unique in its own way. Still, it’s possible to divide them up into a few different types, based on some of their features.

Some examples of different types of boobs are: side set, slender, teardrop, etc.

What Determines Breast Shape?

Many different factors affect your breast shape, but the main one is genetics. Other factors that can cause your boobs to look a certain way are age, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, some medications, exercise, and so on.

Why You Should Know Your Boob Shape?

You might be wondering why should you even care what is the type of your boobs. The main benefit of knowing your boob shape is that it will allow you to pick the ideal bra for you.

Different types of bras are best suited for different types of boobs. The right bra will give optimal support and comfort, and will best flatter your specific boob type.

So, before you buy your next bra, make sure to take boob shape into account too, and not just its size.

How To Find Your Boob Type?

To find out your boob shape, take off your clothes (including the bra) and stand in front of a mirror. Carefully note what your breasts look like from the front, from the side, what direction they’re facing, and the nipple position.

Then, compare your breasts with the types of boobs explained in our ultimate guide to different types of breasts and find the one that most closely resembles yours.

Don’t try to classify your breasts into just one of these types. It’s more than likely that your boobs will belong to a few of the different boob shapes.

But, the main thing to always keep in mind is that your breasts are perfectly normal and beautiful, regardless of their shape.


Round breasts are the type of boobs considered visually most appealing. These breasts are round and full, both at the top and the bottom. In this article, we discussed what round breasts are, what they look like, and which bras to choose if you have them.