What is a Bandeau Bra: All You Need to Know [2023]

Have you ever wanted to wear a cute strapless dress or top, but didn’t because the bra straps would have been visible. A very simple and comfortable solution is a bandeau (also called tube) bra. It will hold your breasts in place and leave no visible bra straps under your clothes.

In this article, we’ll discuss what is a bandeau bra, what’s its purpose, how to wear it, how it differs from a strapless bra, and what are some great bandeau bra options on the market.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Bandeau Bra?

A bandeau bra is a type of bra that has no straps and no clasps. Instead, it’s made of stretchy fabric and has thick bands on the top and the bottom which keep the bra in place. The bandeau bra (tube bra) is easy to put on and to wear.

A bandeau bra is very versatile and can be worn with a bunch of different outfits. You can combine it with a shirt, a jacket (open or closed), a blazer, or simply leave it as a top.

While bandeau bras are a great choice for women with smaller or medium-sized breasts, they may not be the best choice for larger-chested women. Since they have no straps, tube bras may not be able to hold and support larger breasts. They may even slip off in this case.

A bandeau bra
A bandeau bra

If you have larger breasts, you can look for a tube bra with extra support and an underwire. Another option you have is to wear a strapless bra under your bandeau bra, since that will provide the additional support that your large breasts need.

For women with smaller breasts, a bandeau bra is a cute, versatile, and a very comfortable option. They’re especially great in summer, when they’ll allow you to wear a lot of different hot summer combinations.

Bandeau bras can have pockets into which you can insert pads. By doing so, you can essentially convert it into a padded strapless bra. Pads will also mean that your nipples won’t be visible even in tight outfits.

This type of bra won’t compress your breasts and make them look smaller. Quite on the contrary, some tube bras can even create a push up effect.

What Is the Purpose of a Bandeau Bra?

The main purpose and advantage of a bandeau bra is that there won’t be any visible straps under your outfit. You can confidently wear strapless tops and dresses, off-shoulder tops, as well as tube tops, and no bra straps will be visible under it.

How To Wear a Tube Bra?

A tube bra is very straightforward to wear. You simply put it on over your head as you would a regular tube top. Its stretchy fabric and thick bands will keep it in place and provide you with all the coverage and support you need. A bandeau bra doesn’t have any fasteners nor wires.

What Is the Difference Between Bandeau and Strapless Bra?

The main difference between a bandeau and a strapless bra is the lack of fasteners in bandeau bras. While both don’t have straps, a strapless bra will clasp at the back, like most regular bras. On the other hand, a bandeau bra is simply put on over your hear like a tube top.


A bandeau or tube bra will hold your breasts in place and support them, while leaving no visible bra straps under your clothes. Here, we looked at what is a bandeau bra, when and how to wear it, what distinguishes it from a strapless bra, and what are some of the best bandeau bras out there.


What Does a Bandeau Bra Do?

A bandeau bra covers, supports, and keeps your breasts in place, while having no visible bra straps under your clothes. This makes the bandeau bra great for a bunch of different outfits.              

How Does a Bandeau Stay On?

A bandeau stays on because it’s made from an elastic fabric and because it has thick bands on its top and bottom. The stretchy fabric and the band will hold the bra in place despite the lack of straps and the lack of clasps in the back.

Why Does My Bandeau Bra Keep Falling?

Your bandeau bra may keep on falling if you’re wearing the wrong size, if your breasts are too small for the bra to hold on to them, or if the bands are simply worn out and have lost their elasticity.

What Is the Difference Between a Tube and a Bandeau Bra?

A tube and a bandeau bra are the same type of bra. These two terms are both used to describe the same thing, a bra made of elastic fabric that you put on pullover style. They’re different from a strapless bra though, since tube and bandeau bras don’t clasp at the back.

Do Bandeau Bras Give Support?

Bandeau bras give support despite the fact that they don’t have straps. This is especially the case for smaller and medium-sized breasts. On the other hand, if you have larger breasts, the support of the bandeau bra may not be enough. Still, there are bandeau bras that provide additional support and are specifically made for larger-chested women.