What is a Water Bra: All You Need to Know [2023]

As you probably know, a lot of women aren’t quite satisfied with the size of their breasts. So, it’s no wonder that there are types of bras specifically made to make the breasts appear larger. One of those is the water bra.

Here, we’ll discuss what is a water bra, who it’s for, and what are some solid water bra options on the market.

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What is a Water Bra?

A water bra is a type of bra whose padding is filled with a mixture of water and oil, thus making your breasts appear larger.

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A water bra

This type of bra became very popular in the 2000s, mainly with women with smaller boobs. It’s a universal bra, which can be worn regardless of your age. Indeed, a water bra enhances cleavage in younger women, as well as in older ladies.

Nowadays, water bras aren’t as popular as they used to be. But, even today there are some great options for a water bra. And even today, a water bra is a solid option if you want to enhance the appearance of your breasts.

Water bras push your breasts up and inwards while looking very natural in doing so. This is due to the mixture of oil and water, which gives your breasts a natural shape.

At this point, you may be wondering what is the difference between a water bra and a push up bra. Both have the same purpose and achieve the same goal: pushing your breasts higher and making them appear larger.

Still, they have different paddings. As stated already, a water bra contains a mixture of water and oil. On the other hand, a push up bra has foam instead.

Apart from lifting your breasts up, water bras are very comfortable. They’re also soft, and often softer than push up bras. And they’re seamless, making them not noticeable even under tighter clothes.

A common question women have is whether others will notice that they’re wearing a water bra. If this is you, I have good news. A water bra won’t be noticeable, so you can safely wear it without worrying that anyone will notice.

It’s probably not a surprise to say that a water bra is essentially made of water, which is where it gets its name from. Oil is also added to it, so the water bra’s paddings are filled with a mixture of water and oil. Nowadays, some water bras are filled with a gel substance.

Usually, water bras are made either of cotton or of synthetic fabric. Lastly, this type of bra can be both with or without an underwire.

It’s important to note that there are also removable water inserts available. These are separate from a water bra. In fact, you can take the water inserts and put them into any other type of bra, thus giving your breasts an uplift.

One thing you should be warned about is to avoid poking the water bra with a sharp object. In some cases, this may even cause the water bra to pop.

Another thing to note is that a water bra is best to be used for occasions such as nights out, parties, date nights, and so on. For everyday wear, there are probably better options out there.

Who Are Water Bras For?

Since they make the breasts appear larger, water bras are most popular with women with smaller boobs. If you have smaller breasts, a water bra will push them up, as well as inwards.

And because water bras lift the boobs up, they can be a great choice for saggy breasts in older women too.

When it comes to larger-chested women, they probably don’t need to wear a water bra. Still, if a water bra sounds like something that suits you, feel free to wear it even if you have breasts on the larger side. After all, there’s no harm in doing so.


Like the push up bra, a water bra is designed to make the breasts appear larger. Here, we discussed what is a water bra, who it’s for, and what are some good water bras on the market today.


Are Water Bras Still a Thing?

Water bras are still very much a thing, although they’re not as hugely popular as they used to be.