What is an Underwire Bra: Underwire vs Wireless Bras [2023]

A common way to categorize bras is into underwire and wireless bra. As such, underwire bras are by far the most common type of bras on the market.

Keep on reading to find out what is an underwire bra, what’s its purpose, what’s the difference between an underwire vs wireless bra, as well as what are some of the best underwire bras on the market.

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What is an Underwire Bra?

An underwire bra is a type of bra that has a rigid wire sewn under its cups. The wire is designed in a way that it will support, separate, lift, and shape your breasts in the best way possible. It’s usually made from metal or plastic, and will sit right underneath your bustline.

Basic Beauty Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra by Wacoal

One of the main advantages of the underwire bra is that it will give your breasts great support. This is important for most women, but especially those with larger breasts.

Underwire bras can improve your appearance as well. They will give your breasts the rounded, separated, and uplifted look that most women desire. In this way, an underwire bra will enhance your cleavage and give your breasts a better-defined shape.

In addition to giving you a perkier appearance, this type of bra will help to redistribute the breasts’ weight to the center and make their shape more symmetrical.

Underwire bras can come in all kinds of styles, including plunge, balconette, demi, push up, t-shirt, as well as many other bra styles.

Underwire vs Wireless Bras

Out of the many ways to categorize different bras, one of the most common ones is to divide them up into underwire and wireless bras. The difference between these two types is whether they have a wire supporting the shape of the cup or there are no wires at all.

As their name suggests, underwire bras have a piece of wire sewn under their cups. On the other hand, wireless bras have no wires whatsoever.

So, which one is better? This is one of the most common questions asked about bras. However, there’s no right answer to this question. Underwire and wireless bras are simply different, both having certain advantages over the other one. It’s up to you and your personal preferences which bra you’re gonna wear at any time.

Underwire bras provide far greater support compared to wireless bras. They also enhance the appearance of your breasts, improving their shape and giving them an uplift.

On the other hand, wireless bras are considered more comfortable. In fact, you can comfortably relax and sleep in them. Even if you don’t get the right size, a wireless bra is very forgiving and will still be comfortable.

This doesn’t mean that an underwire bra is necessarily uncomfortable. As long as you’re wearing an underwire bra made of quality fabric (as those recommended in this article are) and you’re wearing the right bra size, this type of bra will be comfortable as well.

In a nutshell, an underwire bra is generally the better option for everyday wear, as well as whenever you want to look your best. On the other hand, a wireless bra is a better option for relaxing around the house and sleeping.

What Is the Purpose of Underwire Bras?

The purpose of underwire bras is to support, separate, and lift your breasts, enhancing their shape in the process.

The wire in the underwire bra is essentially the mold for your breasts. It gathers the breast tissue and holds it in the cups. The bra will gather the breast tissue that’s at the outer sides and bring it inwards, improving the shape of the breasts in that way.


Underwire bras are the most supportive type of bra, owing to a wire that’s sewn under their cups. Here, we discussed what is an underwire bra, what’s its purpose, and how it differs from a wireless bra.