Convertible / Multiway bra

Convertible bra
Convertible bra in halter and crossover back style. Photo source: Triumph

Convertible (also called multiway) bras are a must to own. The straps come off and have hooks so you can reattach them in different ways to wear with clothes where the straps of a standard bra would show.

What strap configurations it can do will depend on which one you get, so check before you buy. The straps will have hooks at each end and there will be lots of slots that they can hook into on the bra. Sometimes they won’t say all of the possible options on the tag so look for where the slots are to figure out which ones it can do.


Most common strap options

Every convertible bra should be able to do a classic bra shape, halter neck and crossover back. Not all can go strapless or low back, usually the same bra won’t do both of these options so make sure you check first. For more about low back convertible bras click here. To do strapless it will need to have cups that aren’t peaked at the top and are firm so they can stay up without the straps (see image below).

2 halter style convertible bras
2 different bras in halter style, the left one can’t go strapless, the right one can. Photo source: Triumph
Convertible standard straps
From left: Halter neck, crossover back, strapless, low back as seen from the front, low back as seen from behind.

Less common strap options

These ones are still pretty hard to find in shops but there are a few with quite unusual strap options that are cropping up on the internet. Most of the options are just for show so you feel like you are getting more for your money. The strap isn’t actually doing much in a lot of these cases, it’s basically the same as if you were to wear a strapless bra. For example with the one shoulder options, if the strap was holding you up it would make one breast much higher than the rest, the support is coming from underneath – like a strapless bra does.

Convertible bra - more options
From left: the first 3 are for a narrow front and have extra places for the hooks to go than is standard, one shoulder option, low back with a low back extender.

The low back option in the image above requires an extra strap that hooks into the back of your bra, instead of it doing up like it normally does. See convertible bra with low back option for more details about going low back.

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