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My name is Mia Mays and I’m the founder and editor of Ultimate Bra Guide. I’m also the person behind most of the articles you’ll find on this website.

So, who am I to tell you about bras? I owe most of my knowledge and experience to working as a bra fitting expert in a lingerie fitting room. For 7 years, I helped women determine their correct bra size and pick the best bras for them. Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, with most of them wearing a bra that’s too small? As shocking as that sounds, that’s the reality that I was reminded of day after day.

But, as a bra fitting specialist, I could only help a couple of women a day (bra fittings may take up to an hour). That’s why I decided to start a blog where I’ll share my expertise in this field with the whole world. I teamed up with Layla Schaefer, a dating and relationship coach who also used to work as a lingerie fitting expert, and Ultimate Bra Guide was born.

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We hope that you’ll find the answers to everything you’re looking for right here, at Ultimate Bra Guide.

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