What is a Demi Bra: All You Need to Know [2023]

If you’ve heard about the demi bra, but aren’t quite sure what it is and whether it’s for you, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about demi bras, including what is a demi bra, what’s its purpose, how it differs from other types of bras, as well as what are some great demi bras on the market.

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What Is a Demi Bra?

A demi bra is a type of bra that has rounded, lower cups and is usually more revealing compared to many other bra types. Demi bras don’t cover your breasts as high as t-shirt bras do, since they have a lower apex (the place where the straps of the bra join the cup).

On the other hand, demi bras go higher compared to balconette bras. Given this, they can be considered as something in between t-shirt and balconette bras. Unlike balconette bras though, demi bras have a bottom-heart shape.

Due to the shorter apex and the bottom-heart shape, demi bras are pretty revealing compared to t-shirt and full-coverage bras. Usually, they cover slightly higher than your nipples, leaving more of your breasts visible. Their name in French stands for “half” since they will cover only around 50-75% of your breasts.

A Demi Bra
A Demi Bra

Demi bras usually have lighter padding, which will support your natural look, rather than significantly enhancing your cleavage. Still, these bras do offer some lift and a slight push up effect.

When it comes to the straps, a demi bra will usually have thinner, wide set straps.

Despite the smaller cups, demi bras provide a good amount of support. This support will come from the bottom of its cups and the underwire (if there is one). While such support is completely okay, if you’re looking for a more significant support, a full-coverage bra is a better option.

A common misconception about demi bras is that they’re only ideal for women with smaller breasts. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you pick the right size, a demi bra will work great for you even if you have larger breasts.

What Is a Demi Bra Good For?

Since demi bras can be thought of as being in between t-shirt and balconette bras, they offer some advantages over both of these types.

For example, if you’re experiencing gaping with a t-shirt bra (meaning that the space at the higher points of the bra is empty), you can consider a demi bra. Since they have shorter cups, gaping is much less likely to occur.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a balconette bra and your breasts are spilling out of it, you can once again turn to a demi bra for the rescue. Given that the cup of the demi bra doesn’t go as low as with the balconette, spillage is much less likely to occur.

Due to their shape, demi bras are great for breasts that are fuller at the bottom than at the top, such as bell-shaped or teardrop breasts.

And they’re a great choice if you’re wearing a low-cut outfit. Given that the cups are smaller, a demi bra won’t be visible even with pretty low-cut dresses or tops.

Demi bras are generally a great choice for when you’re dressing to impress. Due to their more revealing look, they’re one of the most visually appealing bra types.

As an everyday option, something like a full coverage or a t-shirt bra can be a more comfortable option. However, for any special occasion, a demi bra is definitely a more desired option. Of course, you can wear a demi bra as an everyday option too, if you don’t mind the partial coverage.

Demi Bra vs Balconette Bra

Both demi and balconette bras have a lower apex compared to t-shirt and full coverage bras, meaning that their cups and bra straps join at a lower point.

However, what differentiates them is how low the apex is. With demi bras, the bra straps and the cup meet at a higher point compared to the balconette.

Another thing that differentiates them is their shape. While balconette bras do have a lower apex, they have a straight shape. This means although they start lower than demi bras on the side, they go straight across the breasts covering them, without a significant slope.

On the other hand, demi bras have a bottom-heart shape. This means that although they start slightly higher than balconette bras on the side, they quickly slope down toward the center of the chest.

In that way, demi bras reveal a large part of your breasts. In fact, they usually only cover slightly higher than your nipples.

You can choose between demi or balconette bras depending on your taste and how much of your breasts you want to leave uncovered. One situation where demi bras can be a better choice is if you think balconette bras may cause spillage.

Demi Bra vs Full Coverage and T-Shirt Bras

The main difference between the demi and full coverage bras is how much of the breasts they cover. T-shirt and full coverage bras, as their name suggest, cover most of your breasts. On the other hand, demi bras are much more revealing.

Both demi and t-shirt bras start higher on the side than balconette bras. However, demi bras start lower than t-shirt bras, due to which they leave more of the breasts visible.

Given this, decide between demi and full-coverage bras depending on how much of your breasts you want revealed, and your preferences in general.

Keep in mind that if t-shirt and full coverage bras cause gaping (which can happen in women who have boobs fuller at the bottom than at the top), demi bras are usually a better choice.

Between these two, t-shirt bras are probably a better everyday option. But, a demi bra is definitely a better option for a party, date night, or any occasion when you want to look your best or rock a low cut outfit.

Demi Bra vs Push Up Bras

Since demi bras vary a lot in style, they can often be quite similar to a push up bra. Both demi and push up bras will generally cover less of your breasts compared to something like a t-shirt bra. Also, both may have plunging necklines.

However, there can also be differences between the two.

For example, a push up bra will always have padding, but a demi bra might or might not have it. And while the coverage of the push up bra may vary, a demi bra will always cover a smaller part of your breasts.

Types of Demi Bras

Because demi bras vary in style, they can be divided into many different types.

For example, a demi balconette bra will lift the breasts from below, avoiding gaping at the top. This makes it a good choice for women with breasts fuller at the bottom.

If you’re looking to enhance your cleavage, a demi push up bra is a great option. It combines the push up of the push up bra, with the smaller coverage of the demi bra. That way, you get a lift effect without your bra showing under a low cut dress or top.

And if you want something lightweight and natural looking, you can opt for an unlined demi bra.


The demi bra is one of the most popular bra styles out there. Here, we clarified what is a demi bra, what it’s good for, the difference between it and other bra types, as well as what are some different types of demi bras.


Who Should Wear a Demi Bra?

Anyone can wear a demi bra, but they’re especially great with low-cut outfits. They’re also a great choice for women with boobs fuller at the bottom. Other situations when you should consider a demi bra is if t-shirt bras cause gaping, or balconette bra cause spillage.

What Is a Lightly Lined Demi Bra?

A lightly lined demi bra combines the desired appearance of a demi bra with the comfort and natural shape of the lightly lined demi bra. Usually, a demi bra is more structured. But, a lightly lined demi bra is a great, comfortable choice.

What Is the Difference Between a Demi Bra and a Regular Bra?

The main thing that differentiates a demi bra from a “regular” bra is that it has smaller cups that reveal more of your breasts. Demi bras have an apex somewhere in between the balconette and t-shirt bras, as well as a bottom-heart shape.