11 Different Types of Boobs Explained: Ultimate Guide [2023]

When talking about the differences between boobs, most people focus only on their size. However, boobs differ in shape too. In this article, we’ll explain the 11 different types of boobs there are.

Knowing your boob shape is crucial when choosing a bra to buy. That’s because different types of bras are best suited for different types of boobs. The right bra will give optimal support and comfort, and will best flatter your specific boob type.

So, before you buy your next bra, make sure to take boob shape into account too, and not just its size.

Although there’s no medical or official classification of boobs, they are all visually different.

Keep in mind that boob shape is not fixed. Your boobs can change both in size and shape, as a result of weight fluctuations, pregnancy or breastfeeding, hormonal changes, age, exercising, certain medications, as well as where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Breasts don’t differ just between different women. In fact, it’s completely normal if your boobs differ one from the other. This is true both for their size and shape. Remember, no person has perfectly symmetrical boobs.

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11 Different Types of Boobs

Boobs differ in many ways, such as:

  • Their size;
  • What direction they’re facing when they’re not supported;
  • Where they sit on your chest;
  • Where are the nipples located.

Although there are many different types of breasts, remember that all of them are completely normal. There’s no such thing as the best type of boobs. They’re simply different, and that’s it.

To find out your boob shape, you should take off your clothes (including the bra) and stand in front of a mirror. Carefully note what your breasts look like from the front, from the side, what direction they’re facing, and the nipple position.

Then, compare with the types of boobs explained below and find the one that most closely resembles yours.

Keep in mind that your breasts won’t fall into just one of the types explained below. It’s perfectly normal if you find that your boobs belong to more than one type. In fact, most boobs are a combination of a few of the discussed boob types.

Asymmetric Boobs

Asymmetric boobs are the type of breasts in which one of the boobs differs more significantly from the other. The difference can be in terms of size, shape, position, or anything else.

Asymmetric boobs

This type of boobs often causes people to worry that there’s something wrong with their breasts. But, there’s absolutely no reason for concern.

Asymmetric breasts are very common. In fact, it’s extremely rare for a person to have perfectly symmetrical breasts.

Despite people often worrying if there is something wrong with their asymmetric boobs, most of the time this boob shape is completely normal. Still, if you notice significant changes in your breasts, you should probably check that out.

Most of the time the asymmetry in boobs isn’t very noticeable. But, there are cases when one of the breasts is a full cup larger than the other. In extreme cases, you may even need a specialized bra due to the asymmetry.

A great example of a woman with asymmetric breasts is actress Caitriona Balfe (best known as Claire from Outlander).

What Bra To Wear With Asymmetric Boobs?

The best bra to wear with asymmetric boobs is a push up bra with removable pads. With this type of bra, you can make the difference between the boobs less apparent.

You can read more about asymmetric boobs here.

Athletic Boobs

Athletic boobs are a type of boobs that often have more muscle mass and less breast tissue compared to other breast types. They’re also firmer, wider, further apart, and flatter, but not as round as other boob shapes.

Athletic boobs

Due to the small amount of fat in the breast tissue, athletic boobs are often on the smaller side. Because of this, they usually require less support compared to other types of boobs.

Athletic breasts are common in athletes, but they’re not exclusive to them. Even people who never exercise can have this boob shape.

What Bra To Wear With Athletic Boobs?

The best options for athletic boobs are push up and plunge bras. Another type you can try are wireless bras.

You can read more about athletic boobs here.

Bell Shaped Boobs

Bell shaped boobs are the type of breasts that are fuller and heavier at the bottom, and narrower at the top. Their appearance can resemble a bell, hence the name.

These boobs are round, full, and often on the larger side, although it doesn’t have to be the case. It’s common for bell shaped boobs to be asymmetric too.

Bell shaped boobs

Bell shaped boobs are similar to tear drop boobs. However, they’re even thinner at the top, and have more of a triangular shape.

Some prominent celebrities with bell shaped boobs are Anne Hathaway and Eva Green.

What Bra To Wear With Bell Shaped Boobs?

The best option for bell shaped boobs are full coverage bras, which provide support and prevent spillages. Other types you can try are balconette and demi bras.

You can read more about bell shaped boobs here.

Close Set Breasts

Close set boobs are the type of boobs that leave very little space between the boobs. In other words, the gap between the boobs is minimal. Consequently, there’s more space between the breasts and the armpits.

This boob shape is generally found in women with larger breasts and prominent cleavage.

Close set breasts

You can test if you have close set boobs by putting a finger flat between your boobs. In close set breasts, the finger will be able to touch both breasts at the same time.

If you don’t have close set boobs, but would like to achieve this look, you can try a plunge bra. It pushes boobs closer together, giving the appearance of close set boobs to anyone wearing it.

Although it’s an often desired boob shape, close set breasts come with cons too. For example, this type of boobs causes sweating, breasts rubbing together, and sometimes the appearance of a uniboob.

What Bra To Wear With Close Set Breasts?

A great choice for close set breasts is a plunge bra. Another type of bra to try is a balconette bra.

You can read more about close set boobs here.

Conical Breasts

Conical boobs are essentially a boob shape that resembles a cone. Conical breasts tend to have more of an oval or square shape instead of round. They can also be explained as pointy. In appearance, they resemble and are sometimes mistaken for slender breasts.

The top of conical boobs will sharply slope down toward the nipples, which point outward. With this boob shape, it’s common for there to be a wider gap between the breasts.

Conical breasts are generally not as common as some of the other boob shapes explained here. Also, these boobs are generally on the smaller side.

A very prominent example of a woman with conical breasts is Marilyn Monroe.

What Bra To Wear With Conical Boobs?

There are a few different options to wear with conical boobs. A t shirt bra is a great choice, as are plunge and balconette bras.

You can read more about conical boobs here.

East West Boobs

East West Boobs are characterized by the boobs and nipples pointing outward, in opposite directions. These boobs go from the center of the chest toward the sides. Due to this, the space between the breasts is usually wider compared to other boob types.

East west boobs

Just like the boobs themselves, the nipples too point in opposite directions and outward. Unlike other boob shapes where the nipples point downward or straight ahead, the nipples of east west boobs point to the left and right, respectively.

It’s completely normal for your boobs and nipples not to point forward. In fact, most nipples point at least slightly outwards.

What Bra To Wear With East West Boobs?

Plunge bras, t-shirt bras, and push up bras are all solid choices with east west boobs.

You can read more about east west boobs here.

Pendulous Boobs

Pendulous boobs are the type of boobs that point downward. The nipples are usually pointing downward too. In that aspect, it can be said that they resemble slender boobs.

Pendulous breasts

These breasts have a soft and thinner breast tissue. They are elongated and hanging down. Also, they are usually on the larger side. You can look at the singer Lizzo for an example of pendulous boobs.

Apart from hanging lower than other boob types, pendulous breasts don’t have a round shape and aren’t self supportive.

Pendulous boobs can be caused by genetics, after a significant weight loss, as a resulf of aging, and even as a result of not wearing supportive bras.

What Bra To Wear With Pendulous Boobs?

The best option for pendulous boobs is a t shirt bra, which will give them the lift, shape, and support they need. Other types you can try are underwire, contour, and push up bras.

You can read more about pendulous boobs here.

Round Breasts

As their name suggests, round breasts are the type of breasts that are fully round, equally at the top and the bottom.

This is without a doubt the boob shape considered visually most attractive. It’s also the most desired boob type. In fact, the majority of people undergoing breast augmentation aim for round boobs.

Round breasts

Also, most bra manufacturers produce their bras with round boobs as the standard. And with round boobs you don’t need as much support, since they essentially support themselves.

A very prominent example of round breasts is actress Salma Hayek.

What Bra To Wear With Round Breasts?

Apart from their appearance, another advantage of round breasts is that you can wear any bra you want with them. Just choose whatever you like, and it’s likely that it will fit your round boobs.

You can read more about round breasts here.

Side Set Boobs

Side set boobs are the type of boobs characterized by a large gap between the boobs. With this type, more of the rib cage between your breasts will be visible.

This doesn’t mean that the boobs are smaller or that there’s less breast tissue. You can have large breasts with a lot of space between them.

Side set boobs

Still, the size of your breasts will determine how prominent your side set boobs are. In people with smaller boobs, the gap between them won’t be very obvious. And in large breasts there’s enough breast tissue so the gap is hidden by the breasts themselves.

So, the gap between wide (side) set breasts is most apparent in people with medium-sized breasts.

You can test if you have side set boobs by putting three fingers between your naked breasts. If you aren’t touching any breast tissue, you probably have side set breasts.

If you’re interested to see how side set boobs look like in real life, you can check out actress Maggie Gyllenhall.

What Bra To Wear With Side Set Boobs?

The best choice for side set boobs is to go with a plunge bra, which will pull your boobs closer together. Another possible choice is a push up bra.

You can read more about side set boobs here.

Slender breasts

Slender breasts are the type of breasts that are thinner and usually on the smaller side, although it doesn’t have to be the case. The bottom is generally fuller than the top. Usually, slender breasts are longer than they’re wide, with the nipples pointing downwards.

Slender breasts

The word slender in this type of boobs doesn’t refer to how far the breasts stick out. Instead, it refers to their width across the rib cage.

In other words, having slender boobs doesn’t necessarily mean that your boobs are smaller. It just means that they’re thinner and don’t take up your entire chest, since they aren’t as round.

As people grow old, breasts start to sag and resemble this type. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that slender breasts are more common with older women.

What Bra To Wear With Slender Boobs?

This is another boob shape for which plunge bras are the best choice. You can also try a balconette bra.

You can read more about slender boobs here.

Teardrop Boobs

Teardrop boobs are the type of breasts that are round and full at the bottom, but slightly less full at the top. They are essentially round boobs whose top is a little bit narrower compared to the bottom.

Teardrop boobs

This boob shape is alongside round boobs one of the most desired ones. In fact, teardrop breasts are the second most popular choice when it comes to women undergoing breast augmentation surgeries. Teardrop boobs have a more natural appearance than round boobs when it comes to boob jobs.

Apart from sharing some similarities with round boobs, teardrop boobs are also similar to bell shaped boobs. However, teardrop breasts aren’t as narrow at the top. Also, teardrop boobs have more of a round shape, compared to the more of a triangular shape of bell shaped boobs.

What Bra To Wear With Teardrop Boobs?

A lot of different bra types work for teardrop boobs. You can try a balconette or a demi cup bra.

You can read more about teardrop boobs here.

Comparison Table of the Different Boob Shapes

If your boob type is:The best bras for you is/are:Other types of bras you can try:
Asymmetric boobspush up bra with removable pads/
Athletic boobspush up and plungewireless
Bell shaped boobsfull coverage brasbalconette and demi bras
Close set boobsplunge brabalconette bra
Conical boobst shirt brasplunge and balconette
East west boobsplunge, push up, t shirt 
Pendulous boobst shirt brasunderwire, contour, push up bras
Round boobsBasically all types of bras/
Side set boobsPlunge brasPush up bras
Slender boobsPlunge brasbalconette bras
Teardrop boobsMost, try balconette or demi cup bras 

What Determines Breast Shape?

There are a number of different factors affecting breast shape. Of those, the main factor determining boob shape is genetics.

However, other factors will affect boob shape too. Among those, breast shape can be changed depending on:

  • Age – breasts will naturally sag, become longer, and face more downwards as you grow older
  • Significant weight fluctuations – weight loss often causes boobs to get smaller, due to the body burning fat reserves
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • hormonal changes,
  • exercising,
  • certain medications,
  • sexual arousal,
  • where you are in your menstrual cycle.


All boobs are different, so it makes sense that there are many types of boobs. If you want to choose the best bra for your boob shape, you must first understand the different types of boobs. In this article, we discussed the 11 most common boob shapes.