What is a Plunge Bra: All You Need to Know [2023]

Have you ever wanted to wear an awesome low-cut dress, but every bra you own is visible under it? Fortunately, there’s a solution. With a plunge bra, you don’t have to let anything stop you from wearing a plunging neckline and low-cut outfits.

In this article, we’ll answer what is a plunge bra, what it does, who should wear it, how it differs from other bra types, as well as what are some of the best plunge bras out there.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Plunge Bra?

The plunge bra is a type of bra that pushes the breasts together and has a deep v-line cut at the center, making it invisible with low-cut outfits. This allows for revealing and deep cleavage. Not only that, but the plunge bra provides great support, even for larger breasts.

This type of bra has closely fitted wires that push the breasts together. Its cups are demi style, morphing into a deep v-line cut which allows for the revealing cleavage. Even its name itself suggests that this bra type is great for plunging necklines.

There are other types of bras that slope down toward their center. However, what sets the plunge bra apart is that its slope is very steep and low cut in the middle.

What is a plunge bra
A plunge bra

Compared to other bra types such as the balconette, the cups of the plunge bra are much more angled. Its bra straps usually sit wider on your shoulders in comparison to most other bra types.

While plunge bras offer less coverage compared to other bra types, they still give you great support and uplift. They also give you a rounder look, as well as being low cut at the center.

This type of bra has a lot of side coverage, which brings the breast tissue from the side toward the center. This helps in creating the cleavage in the middle.

Despite having less coverage, plunge bras won’t cause spillage at the top. And they’re definitely one of the most flattering bra types overall.

Plunge bras can differ a lot in style. For example, they can come with built-in padding (in which case they’ll be plunge push up bras) or without straps (in which case they’ll be strapless plunge bras). As long as the center of a bra is low cut, it can be considered a plunge bra.

In a nutshell, the plunge bra is characterized by angled cups, wide-set straps, and most notably, a low-cut gore (the place where the cups of the bra meet in the middle).

What Does a Plunge Bra Do?

An important feature of the plunge bra is that it’s not visible under revealing outfits. This makes it the ideal choice for low-cut outfits. The plunge bra allows for a sexy look and is therefore a very popular choice.

Plunge bras are a very popular choice whenever you’re trying to look your best, such as at parties, dates, or nights out. This is due to their main feature, being able to disappear under low-cut tops.

However, this type of bra can be worn even as an everyday option. Since they’re comfortable and provide good support, this is an option you can consider.

Plunge bras are great regardless of the size of your breasts. They provide great support not only to smaller breasts, but to larger breasts as well.

Apart from fitting most sizes, plunge bras are a good fit for most boob types too. They’re especially useful for boobs that are far apart.

For example, plunge bras are the best choice for side set boobs, since they will pull the boobs closer together. They’re also ideal for east west boobs, slender breasts, as well as athletic boobs.

Plunge Bra vs Push Up

Plunge and push up bras are similar in some ways, causing a lot of confusion between the two. However, while similar, they’re not the same.

Both plunge and push up bras bring the breasts closer together, due to the close-fitting wires. Also, both have a similar shape with a deep v-line cut. And both are a great choice if you want a prominent cleavage.

However, push up bras have extra padding that lifts the breasts up. On the other hand, the plunge bra doesn’t have to come with extra padding, creating cleavage in a more natural way. This is the main difference between the two.

You can think of the plunge bra as bringing your breasts inwards. On the other hand, a push up bra is going to lift your boobs upwards

What Is the Difference Between a Balconette and a Plunge Bra?

A balconette and a plunge bra differ in many ways, such as their shape. A plunge bra has angled cups, while the balconette is characterized by a straight cut. But, the main difference is in their shape at the center. A plunge bra has a deep v-line cut, while a balconette bra is significantly higher at the center.

What Is the Difference Between a Balconette and a Plunge Bra?

The main difference between a demi and a plunge bra is the shape of the bra at the center. A plunge bra is recognized due to its low cut at the center. Apart from that, both the demi and plunge bra have rounder cups and offer less coverage compared to most other bra types.

Are Plunge Bras Good for Large Breasts?

Plunge bras are great for large breasts, since they offer great support despite the lower coverage. Another reason to consider plunge bras if you have large breasts is because they’re very comfortable.

There’s a misconception that plunge bras will cause spillage in women with larger breasts. However, this can only happen if you’re wearing a terribly wrong size. If a plunge bra fits you well, you can be certain that spillage isn’t going to occur.

Are Plunge Bras Good for Small Breasts?

Plunge bras are great for small breasts, as well as large ones. They’re comfortable, and will both support and naturally lift your smaller breasts. Plunge bras will also pull the breasts close together, giving you a rounder, perkier, and sexier look.

But, if you’re looking for something that will significantly enhance how large your breasts appear, push-up bras may be a more suitable choice.


You shouldn’t be stopped from wearing a low-cut dress due to not having the right bra. A plunge bra is the best solution to this issue. It’ll allow you to wear any low-cut dress, disappearing underneath it.

In this article, we answered what is a plunge bra, discussed who and when should wear it, talked about some of the differences between the plunge and other types of bras, and recommended some of the best options for a plunge bra currently out there.


Is a Plunge Bra a Push Up Bra?

A plunge bra is not the same as a push up bra, despite the fact that they’re often confused. Although they have a similar shape and both bring your boobs close together, push up bras have extra padding lifting the breasts up. On the other hand, plunge bras give you a more natural lift. They can be with or without extra padding.

When Would You Wear a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra can be worn in most situations. Mainly, you would wear a plunge bra whenever you’re rocking a low cut top or dress and you want to accentuate the cleavage, since a plunge bra won’t be visible underneath it. So, it’s generally the best option for a party or a night out. However, the plunge bra is very comfortable and can be worn even as an everyday option.

Who Can Wear a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra is very universal and can be worn by anyone, regardless of your breast size and shape. They support both small and large breasts, and are ideal for most breast types, especially for boobs that sit further apart.

What Bra Can I Wear With a Plunging Neckline?

There are many great bras for a plunging neckline. However, as its name suggests, the plunge bra may be your best option. Due to the angled cups and the deep v-line cut at the center, a plunge bra will disappear under a plunging neckline.