What bra to wear with a Low back dress or top

First check out convertible bras, it shows you how a convertible bra and a low back converter work. If you are going quite low I have found low back converters tend to be able to go lower while still being supportive.

A stick-on bra is another option for if you are still having trouble getting your bra out of sight. These are completely backless.

You can use fashion tape to tape the edge of the dress to your skin or bra to stop it shifting and exposing your bra.

Note: For dresses that are very low in the back see backless dresses instead.


Your options

Convertible bra with low back option

Convertible low back bra
Photo source: Black & White

Not all convertible (also called multiway) bras have a low back option so check this before you buy it. There are two main types, one is where a bra strap hooks into the bottom of the bra and goes across your stomach to pull the back of the bra down (see image). The extra bra strap should come with the bra, it’s the same as the ones you would use…

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Low back bra converter

Low back converter
Photo source: Bravissimo

These are a great way to make a normal bra into a low back bra. They aren’t as easy to find in shops as some bra accessories, you can get them on Amazon or you can make your own pretty easily. I have found this type of low back bra more supportive and able to go lower than a standard convertible bra. It’s also great because you can use it…

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Stick-on / adhesive bra

The most common type of stick-on bra is made of silicone but there are ones that look almost the same as the silicone one pictured but are made of foam. You can also get fabric ones that look more like a normal strapless bra that has had the back cut off. They usually have adhesive on the side wings to hold them on. Most lingerie stores stock the silicone type,…

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