What is a Contour Bra?

A contour or molded cup bra means the cups have been shaped by machine to fit the shape of your breasts. There is a slight difference between them but the terms are so often used interchangeably that it’s best if you understand the features you are looking for rather than getting hung up on what the manufacturer is calling it.

a contour bra
A contour bra

Contour bra cups are shaped from fabric and a thin layer of foam, they will hold their shape whether they are on or off. Because each cup is shaped from one piece of material they are seamless across the cup making them good for wearing with any clothes where seams would show through. The thin layer of foam also helps to disguise any outline from the nipple, so they are popular for that reason too. T-shirt bras are a common type of contour bra. Push-up bras are also often made with this type of cup.

The contour bra that is pictured also has lace added over the cups, this means it isn’t a T-shirt bra as it wouldn’t create a completely smooth line under clothing. But it is still a contour bra because of how the cups have been machine-molded.